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Hands-on with iRiver's new P10 media player

Not content with announcing one stunning PMP, iRiver let us get some sexy time with its touch-sensitive screen-boasting P10 media player, and we left the stand with a smile

iRiver's new P10 is a super-sexy hard disk-based PMP, similar in function to the iAMOLED. But with LCD instead of AMOLED technology, we're told it will be cheaper. Unlike the iAMOLED, the P10 sports a 800x480-pixel resolution, touch-sensitive 102mm (4-inch) screen for navigation. It supports the same bunch of formats, however, including DivX, Xvid, H.264, MP3, OGG and AC3, though photographer's friend, the raw image format, isn't compatible. Boo, and indeed, sob.

This was one of our favourite new players and it's not hard to explain why. The ever so slightly rubbery finish on the system is extremely pleasant to grip. The whole device sits snug in the hands and is great fun to navigate.

In an unusual move, the P10 allows users to redesign navigation layouts, menu item sizes and colours, right there on the device. You just use the stylus to shift boxes around and increase their shape. Semi-pointless, but certain to satisfy those looking to customise their PMP.

A curious point to note is the P10's 1.3-inch -- yes, 1.3-inch -- Samsung-manufactured hard disk drive. Its unusual capacity of 33GB is surely the result of some technological limitations of making a hard disk that small. We pestered several iRiver reps for explanations as to why this unusual figure was settled upon, but no-one could tell us. We'll leave you to make up your own minds.

There was no word on pricing or availability, but mid-2008 was given as a likely estimate. So much for travelling to the experts for precise answers to questions. -Nate Lanxon