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Hands on with iPhone OS 4

CNET takes the new features of iPhone OS 4 for a test drive.

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Now that you know the highlights of iPhone OS 4, we offer you the chance to see the new features for yourself. We've loaded the developer release on Brian Tong's iPhone 3GS and took it for a spin. As we mentioned, it's not quite the update that OS 3.0 was, but it brings some sorely needed features like multitasking, home screen folders, and a unified e-mail in-box.

Keep in mind that this is a developer release, so Apple is very likely to make changes between now and the official release this summer. Game Center comes later this year, which means we weren't able to access that feature past the sign-in screen. Also, because app developers like Pandora have yet to update their apps for multitasking, we can't show you how they interact with the new functionality.

For a taste of almost everything else, though, check out the slideshow.