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Hands-on with Ferguson Hill's translucent FH007 speakers

We've been dribbling over Ferguson Hill's completely translucent high-end speaker system, the FH007. These unique speakers and subwoofer will set you back just under a grand

It's happy translucent speaker day in Crave, and we've got an acrylic orgy for you to sweat over. Ferguson Hill's FH007 is a set of four clear speakers: two shaped like footballs for handling low-frequency sounds, and two 'horn-loaded' models for high-frequencies. Included in our setup is the optional FH008 100W subwoofer. Together, this lot will set you back about £800.

These unusual speakers are aimed at the style-conscious (read: super-rich) audiophile, and they come with the promise that they'll blend into any environment without appearing to take up any real space. A cube-shaped amp pumps just 16W of power into each of the four cones, but Ferguson Hill's superb engineering enables these 16W to blow you away with a wall of sound. But is it any good?

Well, yes and no. Orchestral and acoustic stuff sounds fantastic, but with rock, pop and dance, there's a distinct lack of clarity in the high end. Cymbals, for example, sound muddy and blended together. This is really disappointing considering how good they look and how much they cost. They're also extremely delicate -- they come with special gloves for handling them -- so if you've got a cat you could wake up one morning to find your beautiful new speakers in pieces.

Our full review is coming to your screens very, very soon. Be sure to check back with us to get the full lowdown. While you're waiting, go and check out our big fat collection of our favourite Internet memes of all time. You'll find some lolcatastrophes and a fair helping of Ashlee Simpson acting like a complete pillock.

Update: A full review of the FH007 and FH008 is now available. -Nate Lanxon