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Hands-on with Cowon's D2 DAB MP3 player

We loved Cowon's original D2 MP3 player, but now it's got DAB built in too! Pop into Crave for a first look at this incredibly promising new model

Like badgers, free cake and YouTube videos of cats singing Christmas carols, we here at Crave are fond of Cowon's MP3 players. The most excellent D2 model scored a healthy 8 in our extensive lab tests and now Cowon has upped the spec to include DAB radio functionality too.

With its bloody marvellous 64mm (2.5-inch) screen, support for a heap of audio formats -- including FLAC and OGG (hurrah!) -- and superhuman sound quality, the new D2 is set to be the Optimus Prime of the portable music player market. Instead of transforming into a huge truck like our robotic overlords though, the D2 seamlessly transforms into an arse-kicking touchscreen video player.

While DAB's advantages include crisp sound quality, easy tuning and a generally more enjoyable radio experience, using it on the move can be problematic. When reception is strong, the D2's functionality is flawless -- the crisp audio quality will give your MP3s a run for their money. When reception gets low, however, the sound of a fluctuating digital signal is as annoying as eating bees. If you can put up with this varying reception, you'll do just fine.

Adobe Flash files are also supported, though .flv videos, such as those from YouTube and the like, are not supported. In a stunning move, Cowon has thrown in a battery that claims to be able to churn out 52 hours of audio or 10 hours of video.

Prices for the 2GB version start at £140 and you can look out for our full review very soon. -Nate Lanxon