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Hands-on with Moto's new Moto Z Mods: Incipio car dock, Mophie battery

We take a look at two new snap-on accessories for the Moto Z, Z Force and Z Play phones.

Mophie's Juice Pack, left, has a simpler design than the Incipio car dock.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Moto Z, Z Force and Z Play owners will have two new snap-on Moto Mods to choose from: a car dock from Incipio that automatically triggers Google's car mode when you attach it, and a Mophie-made battery pack.

I got a chance to look at both Mods here at Motorola's headquarters in Chicago. The car dock is the more interesting of the two, with hinged grips that clamp onto your car's dashboard air vent. You simply squeeze two plastic wings on the back to release the unit. Since it's a Moto Mod, attaching the phone to the car dock is as simple as connecting the two through the phone's magnetic backplate.

The dock will turn on car mode and surfaces a list of common activities represented by big, easy-to-tap buttons, like playing your Pandora station.

Mophie's Juice Pack for the Moto Z family (which you can currently buy with Verizon), is much more straightforward. The top-up battery just clicks into place and forms a deeper rounded back than any of the phones have on their own. Its built-in 3,000mAh battery promises up to 60 percent more power. It has USB-C charging and Mophie's signature LED indicator to show your charge status. It competes directly with Incipio's own battery packs.

The Incipio Car Dock sells for $65 starting next week, while Mophie's Juice Pack goes for $80.