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Hands on: Meizu M6 MiniPlayer

Everyone thought it was a hoax. Paxman called it "The fanciful imaginings of a madman with a bone in the middle of his brain." But it turns out they were all wrong...

Initially this MP3 player was thought to be the fantastical invention of bored photoshoppers dreaming of a widescreen iPod. It turns out that the Meizu M6 is, in fact real. Yes, dear tech loser, we have it in our hands.

Video quality on the thing is actually rather good. We've watched the demo movie bundled with it and fidelity is at least comparable to the latest iPods. The M6 MiniPlayer is smaller than a credit card, slightly thicker than a nano, weighs less than 60g, and has a 61mm (2.4-inch) screen that displays song info, synchronised lyrics, AVI video, photo slide shows, screensavers and Flash games.

Controls consist of a touchpad that doubles as the standard media buttons. Sadly, we found this interface to be twitchier than a crack dealer's underfed dog -- it's very difficult to select menu options.

The M6 supports MP3, MP2, WMA and OGG audio formats and Meizu claims you'll get 20 hours of playback from the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. There's a built-in microphone that will capture nine hours of voice.

Pricing for the device looks appealing. The 4GB M6 (1GB and 2GB versions are also available) will sell for around £120 in the UK. -CS