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Griffin ships Crayola ColorStudio HD for iPad

Griffin and Crayola have joined forces to create an interactive coloring book for the iPad that includes a digital crayon called the iMarker.

Griffin's Crayola's ColorStudio HD includes the iMarker stylus and an app for $29.99.

Crayola has been offering a free iPad coloring app for a while. But Griffin, which makes styli for capacitive touch screens, is now shipping Crayola's full interactive coloring package for the iPad, ColorStudio HD, which includes a Crayola-branded iMarker digital stylus for $29.99.

One of the interesting things about the package is that the app can tell whether the stylus or your finger is touching the screen, which prevents kids from having their fingers accidentally touch the screen and muck up their creations.

You get more than 30 coloring canvasses with the app, and Griffin says there will be free content updates with new picture sets and animations. You--or your kids--can also design your own coloring pages using the built-in library of backgrounds, music, sound effects, and other elements.

Check out the video below for a preview.