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Griffin Evolve: No wires means no fuss

Griffin's new Evolve is a wireless iPod speaker system that lets you hook up loads of speakers all over your house -- it even charges wireless. Well, sort of

It seems the world is hell-bent on making wires look like an uncool, out-dated technology reserved for old women and children who don't know any better. Our focus on companies who hate wires today points at Griffin, whose just-launched wireless iPod speakers not only transmit audio over RF, but even charge wirelessly when stuck on their base station, thanks to a set of well-placed metal contacts.

Called Evolve, this £180 system lets you dock your iPod in a charging bay while it beams your music to not just one pair of speakers, but multiple pairs -- one for each bedroom and garden, perhaps? There's no technical restriction within RF that stops you hooking up hundreds of pairs if you want, or should you be rich enough to own a house with that many rooms. This could be great for house parties with guests scattered across floors, rooms and gardens.

Each speaker has its own built-in amplifier, a battery good for 10 hours of playback and after being initially docked and paired with the base station, knows whether or not it's a left- or right-channel speaker. It works with all the new iPods and comes with a handy remote control for even more wireless fun.

We'll have a full review for you as soon as possible, and you can pick up a set from March.

Update: A full review of the Evolve is available on the site. -Nate Lanxon