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Grass-roots fight over AT&T-TCI merger

Cities and critics are sounding off on the proposed $48 billion merger between AT&T and Tele-Communications Incorporated over the issue of "open access."

Cities and critics are sounding off on the proposed $48 billion merger between long distance giant AT&T and the No. 2 cable operator Tele-Communications Incorporated. At issue is "open access"--the proposed requirement that cable companies allow competitors to pay for use of its cable networks. AT&T and TCI say no way, while regional Internet service providers claim their livelihood depends on it.

AT&T, TCI challenged over open access
Sparked by the proposed $48 billion merger of cable operator TCI and telephone giant AT&T, a grassroots political movement to regulate cable-based Internet service is gaining momentum.

Portland denies cable transfer to AT&T
update Portland city attorneys rule deny the transfer of local cable franchise licenses from Tele-Communications Incorporated to AT&T, according to sources close to the decision.

FCC to close megamerger review mid-1999
The Federal Communications Commission plans to complete its review of three huge telecommunications mergers by the middle of 1999 amid a busy agenda that includes speeding up the Internet and reforming phone subsidies.

AT&T to outline plans for TCI merger
update AT&T, the nation's largest telecommunications company, is expected to outline plans to separate its cable and wireless operations into a new unit that would have its own tracking stock.