Google's Schmidt talks Apple patents, dances 'Gangnam Style'

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt reportedly says his company and Apple are actually "very good partners," but he's not too happy with patent wars. Oh, and he danced "Gangnam Style."

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt says his company and Apple are friendly, despite some evidence to the contrary.

Speaking to reporters in South Korea today, Schmidt said Apple "is actually a very good partner" of Google's. According to the Korea Times, which was first to report on his comments, Schmidt went on to say that his company and Apple "are literally talking all the time about everything."

Before long, however, the conversation turned to Apple's ongoing legal war with Android vendors, including Samsung and Google-owned Motorola. Schmidt didn't say too much, according to the Korea Times, but did seem to fire a small shot, saying that "the best thing we can tell, there are plenty of prior arts and I don't want to go beyond that."

Google has been one of the more outspoken critics of the recent mobile patent litigation, saying countless times that it believes the so-called "war" is stifling innovation. For its part, Apple has said that it has a responsibility to protect its inventions from companies, it believes, copied its technologies.

While in Korea, Schmidt has said that he will meet with Samsung, Apple's arch-rival and one of the top Android vendors. Neither Schmidt nor Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung's mobile chief, have said what they'll discuss, but it's highly likely that Apple and its recent $1 billion patent-infringement victory will come up.

Still, it wasn't all business in Korea for Schmidt. He also took time out today to meet South Korean artists PSY, the singer behind the wildly popular hit, "Gangnam Style." But rather than just shake PSY's hand and go about his day, Schmidt decided to dance "Gangnam Style."

Don't believe it? Check out the video of him doing just that below: