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Google's Next Pixel Watch Could Have Better Battery Life

Fitbit-like health sensors may also be coming to the rumored Pixel Watch 2, according to a report.

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Google Pixel Watch front view in silver

Google's first Pixel Watch.


The next generation of the Pixel Watch, Google's smartwatch, will feature better battery life, some health-tracking features and more, 9to5Google reported Tuesday.

The expected Pixel Watch 2, which 9to5Google reports will likely be announced this fall, has a battery life that'll give watch-wearers over a day of use with the "always-on" display. This is compared with the original Pixel Watch, which won a CNET Editors' Choice Award last year and offers roughly a day's worth of battery life with the display turned off. 

The report adds that the new Pixel Watch will have health-tracking features that mirror the Fitbit Sense 2. While it's not totally clear which wellness features the newer Pixel Watch will adopt, the Sense 2 notably includes stress-tracking sensors that measure continuous electrodermal activity (cEDA). 

What's more, the Pixel Watch 2 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chipset, 9to5Google reports. 

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. In the meantime, learn about the high bar we've set for the next Pixel Watch, our list of all the best Android smartwatches -- and our guide on how to choose the best smartwatch for you -- and our review of Google's flagship phone