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Google's Motorola teases Moto G event on November 13

Motorola sends out save-the-date invitations for the follow-up -- possibly a low-cost one -- to its Moto X smartphone.

Screenshot by Roger Cheng/CNET

Motorola's next big smartphone is right around the corner.

The company, a unit of Google, sent out save-the-date invitations for the launch of its Moto G smartphone on November 13.

There aren't many details beyond the invitation, which features an artsy globe with the Motorola "M" logo on it.

Moto G is rumored to be a low-cost version of the Moto X. The name briefly popped up on Motorola's own Web site last week in what was considered an accidental leak.

The Moto franchise is Google's attempt to revive the Motorola mobile phone business. Moto X stood apart through its Moto Maker customization abilities and its US manufacturing facility. But Moto X has sold in only modest quantities at a time when the iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3 have dominated the headlines.

It's unclear whether Moto G will be customized as well.

Check back in with CNET on November 13 for all the details.