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Google's Hold for Me phone feature lets Google Assistant do the waiting

Google announced the new feature at its virtual event on Wednesday.

Google's new feature is a game changer.
Google/Screenshot by Sara Tew/CNET

Google introduced the new Hold For Me feature at its virtual Launch Night In on Wednesday. Instead of having to wait for ages when you're placed on hold -- listening to bad elevator music -- the new feature lets Google Assistant do it for you. When someone comes on the line, Google will alert you. 

Google's Hold for Me feature will be available on the new Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A. During the presentation, Google said users with older generations of the Pixel will have access to the new feature soon.

In addition to new phones, Google showed off a new Chromecast streaming device and Google TV, as well as a new Nest-branded smart speaker, Nest Audio.

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Google's launch event comes as tech companies clamor to unveil their new consumer devices in time for the all-important holiday quarter. The search giant typically holds its hardware event every fall in New York City, but the company took the unveiling virtual this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.