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Google Voice Homebrew Application Now Available!

Google Voice Homebrew Application Now Available

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It looks like I'm going to have to stop being so lazy and find access to Mac OS 10.5+ so that I can get filecoaster on my Pre so that I can install the latest and, perhaps, greatest homebrew app to date..

Yes, that's right: There is now a Google Voice homebrew app that looks too good to pass up.

If homebrew app installing is not so much your style, vote over at Google Voice for them to work on a native app for the Pre. For now, as Derek over at PreCentral explains:

Blackberry and Android owners can get apps. iPhone users, well, they've just been blocked out of the service thanks to Apple's insanely terrible app policies. Seems like a good opportunity for Palm, doesn't it?

Do you want such an application for webOS? Of course you do.

Mosey on over to Google Voice's suggest a feature page, scroll down to the mobile applications section, and check off Palm Application. Hopefully Google will make it and Palm will accept it and you, friend, will use it.

So, um...what are you waiting for? Vote already!