Google TV music, movies arriving in Europe next week

Owners of Google TV devices in the U.K., Germany and France will soon be able to download content from Google Play. Still no love for Nexus users, though.

Zack Whittaker Writer-editor
Zack Whittaker is a former security editor for CNET's sister site ZDNet.
Zack Whittaker
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Google is making Google Play's music and movies available in Europe later this month.

From November 13, owners of a Google TV set-top box or enabled television in the U.K., Germany and France will be able to download movies and music from the Google Play store, the company said in a Google+ post.

The movies and music -- previously only available in the U.S. -- won't, however, be available for download to other Google devices such as Nexus smartphones or tablets, but its availability is unlikely too be far behind.

Due to licensing restrictions by Hollywood and television studios, rolling out content internationally has been an ongoing headache for the search giant, which had to launch its Nexus 7 devices in several countries with only limited download options.

Nevertheless, Play is likely to expand to new countries before too long. Canada and Australia may also see a widening of Google Play content according to an earlier Google+ post by the company, which was deleted shortly after it was posted.

"We're sorry for an earlier post that said we're launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we're bringing Google Play to more countries all the time," today's post said.

Perhaps by the December holiday season, Google will have added more countries to its list of those able to access unrestricted content in the Google Play stores, making the Nexus line-up a more desirable range of products for those outside the U.S.

Without access to its music, movies and television content, Google Play's users in Europe and non-U.S. countries will have to be content with its 700,000 apps and games instead.