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Google to remove auto-syncing between Google Drive and Google Photos

It should simplify the uploading of pictures and videos.


Changes for two Google apps are coming. 


For Google users, the auto sync of photos and videos with Google Drive and Google Photos was not ideal. The search engine addressed this feedback and made some changes.

Google Drive and Photos will not automatically sync photos and videos starting July 10, according to a blog post Wednesday. Previously, users who had images or videos on either Drive or Photos would see them show up in the other, which caused some confusion among users.

"We've heard that many of you would like more granular control when copying photos and videos from Drive into Photos," Dan Schlosser, product manager of Google Drive, and Jason Gupta, product manager of Google Photos, said in the post.  

In July, Google Photos users will see an "Upload from Drive" option that will let them move over photos and videos from Google Drive to their Photo account. Those who want to auto sync items to both accounts can still do so on Windows or MacOS with Google's Backup and Sync app.

Photos and videos in both accounts will stay in their respective apps and will not be deleted when the changes happen in July. 

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