Google Street View on the road again, swaps Wi-Fi for zombies

Google Street View cars are hitting the road, and this time they promise not to steal your Wi-Fi. If that's not exciting enough: zombies!

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Richard Trenholm

Google Street View cars are heading out once again to photograph the UK's highways and byways, avenues and alleyways -- and this time they promise not to snoop around your Wi-Fi.

Google says it collected vast amounts of Wi-Fi data 'by accident' while its specially-equipped cars roamed the land, photographing every inch of our roads. The fleet has now been refitted so as to stay away from our Wi-Fi.

Street View trikes will be mapping and snapping the parts of the UK the cars can't reach. Click here to see where the cars and bikes are currently trundling around, and plan your fancy dress shenanigans accordingly.

If plain old Street View isn't pulse-pounding enough for you, just add zombies! The latest advertising wheeze from Virgin Trains is Don't Go Zombie, an online game that sees zombies shuffling around your manor, only for you  to dispatch them with a ticket gun. It's disappointingly free of head-lopping and brain-bashing, but the fact you can enter your postcode and get zombie-huntin' on your doorstep makes it worth a few minutes of skiving.You can also post your score to Facebook with a zombified profile picture, but on behalf of your friends we ask this of you: please don't.