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Google Store stumbles during Pixel 6 phone launch

Potential Pixel 6 buyers stymied by Google Store crashes on flagship phone's launch day.

Behold, the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

People looking to snap up a new Pixel 6 phone on Tuesday ran into lots of trouble. Google's Play store coughed up plenty of errors, enough so that Google posted an apology to Twitter. Apparently, many who tried to make the purchase were greeted with website crashes and out of stock notices.

Sorry, no Pixel 6 for you.

Brian Bennett/CNET

I personally ran into similar issues while trying to buy a Pixel 6 Pro via the Pixel Pass subscription service. First I received multiple error messages. Then the phone mysteriously disappeared from my cart because it was suddenly out of stock.

Chances are good, though, that demand for these handsets among Pixel shoppers was legitimately high. Powered by Google's new Tensor chip, its powerful cameras along with the debut of Android 12 make the Pixel 6 platform a huge improvement over last year's model.

Google posted another tweet Tuesday afternoon, saying that the problems had been resolved.

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