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Google shows off vision of connected life

With Google Now, Google Glass, and an array of features, Google wants to serve every facet of your life -- even the parts you didn't know needed assistance.

A Google representative showing off Glass.
Roger Cheng/CNET

NEW YORK--Google wants to play a bigger part in your life.

That's the message the company was likely conveying with its model home here in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Google took over a building on Thursday to show off its many newer services and hardware, including Google Now, Hangouts, and Google Glass.

Google Now is a big initiative and appears to be the glue that ties many of its products together. Google Now on Android, which is called Google Search on iOS, uses your device's GPS, e-mail, calendar, and other personal information to deliver relevant and timely information. It's a core part of the info that's delivered to Google Glass, as well as on its smartphones and tablets.

Google said it was improving Google Now, allowing you to look up nutritional information for the first time, as well as converting different measurements.

A popular demonstration, unsurprisingly, was Google Glass, which was held on the rooftop of the event space. A company representative showed off the ability to get a translated sentence, turn-by-turn walking direction, and dictate a message.

Google clearly has a vision in which all of your software and hardware will eventually know how to better serve your needs. It's a scary, but exciting, prospect.