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Google sells out of ‘Cotton’ Glass model in hours

Expect to see more people walking around with the computer-enabled eyeglasses -- as Google exclaims, “things are moving really fast” in its one-day sale.


Google's one-day Google Glass sale has proven to be a success. In just a few short hours, the white "Cotton" version of the wearable has sold out.

"Wow, what a morning! We're happy to see so many new faces (and frames) in the Explorer Program," the Google Glass team wrote on its Google+ page. "Just a quick update that -- ack -- we've sold out of Cotton (white), so things are moving really fast."

Likewise, the company posted to Twitter, "Yikes, we're out of Cotton."

Google opened up sales of its computer-enabled eyeglass to the general public for the first time ever on Tuesday. With its one-day online sale, the company offered any US resident the ability to buy the Google Glass Explorer Edition at the regular price of $1,500. With the purchase, the company also threw in a free accessory, like frames or shades.

Before Tuesday's sale, only a modest number of people, mostly developers, owned the device -- likely in the vicinity of 15,000 units all told. Google plans to make Glass available to everyone within this year.

Google Glass is the company's foray into a wearable computer. The device comes in the form of eyeglasses that can record videos, take photos, chat, get directions, look up facts on the Web, and more. While many people have been wowed by the device, it has caused some issues with lawmakers, casinos, bar-owners, and bystanders who don't want to be recorded.

Even though the Cotton version of Glass has sold out, as of this writing the Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, and Sky versions are still available. Google plans to end its Glass sale on Wednesday, April 16 at 6 a.m. PT. The devices will be shipped to consumers within five to seven business days.

When CNET contacted Google for more specifics on the Glass sales, the company declined to comment.

Update April 16 at 9:57 a.m. PT: Clarified the likely number of Google Glass units that have been distributed to date.