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Google saying goodbye to Nexus branding, report says

The search giant is rebranding its Nexus phone line, which began with the HTC-made Nexus One in 2010, according to Android Central.

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What's next for Nexus? That's the question, following reports from Android Central that this year's generation of the search giant's phones will lose the Nexus branding that they've borne since 2010.

Google's 2016 phones will reportedly come in slightly smaller than the Nexus 5X and 6P at 5-and 5.5-inches respectively, and the same rumour mill is saying that the rebranded phones will bear a "G" insignia and a new brand name.

The new phones will, however, add in the new Android Nougat, and there are reports circulating that they'll come with redesigned home screens and other features. If you're keen to take Nougat for a test drive now, here's how to do that.

Google did not immediately respond to request for comment.