Google rolls out Instant Previews on Android, iOS devices

You can now see cached snapshots of Web results in a carousel-like format, saving time and unnecessary clicks.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
See your Google results before clicking on them with Instant Previews. Google

Google announced earlier this week that it has enabled Instant Previews for Android handsets running Froyo (version 2.2) or later. Like its desktop counterpart, it allows you to see search results in a handy image format before clicking blindly on a link.

The feature is perfect for a number of scenarios, such as step-by-step instructions and how-to guides. What's more, providing a cached screenshot preview of the results is very convenient for smaller screens. I know I've grown frustrated by having to navigate the mobile browser back and forth, looking for the right page.

Instant Previews does not require additional downloads or changes to the browser. All you have to do to is look for a magnifying glass to the right of search results. Tapping on the icon will bring up a sliding carousel of images that can then be clicked through to the link's destination.

It's worth pointing out that Instant Previews is not exclusive to Android, as it also works on iPhones with iOS 4.0 and above.