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Google Removes Iconic Android Statues From Its Headquarters

No more Android Pie or KitKat statues.

Imad Khan Senior Reporter
Imad is a senior reporter covering Google and internet culture. Hailing from Texas, Imad started his journalism career in 2013 and has amassed bylines with The New York Times, The Washington Post, ESPN, Tom's Guide and Wired, among others. He also hosts FTW with Imad Khan, an esports news podcast in association with Dot Esports.
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Imad Khan
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Google Oreo Android statue

Google's Android statue for the "Oreo" version of the smartphone software, which has since been removed from its campus.

Stephen Shankland/CNET
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The fun Android statues once seen in a small park at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, have been removed, leaving an empty patch of dirt in what used to be a popular spot to take photos.

The statues, which stood outside the visitors center in the Landings office complex, have been moved to an undisclosed location, according to a report by Android Authority

In a statement to CNET, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the statues had been moved as part of a planned redevelopment of the Landings site on the Mountain View campus. At the moment, the statues are being repaired and being held in storage "until they find a new home." 

It's unclear when Google removed the statues, but according to reviews on Google Maps, it seems that the process started around a month ago. A Google spokesperson also confirmed that a few statues had been relocated with plans to put the remaining statues in new locations around the Mountain View campus. 

Before Google switched to a numbered naming scheme, starting with Android 10, the versions of its mobile operating system were named after desserts and other sugary things, such as Pie, KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich. The Android statues outside Building 44 were modeled after the various sweets. For example, there was a statue featuring the Android mascot, known unofficially as Bugdroid, holding a giant lollipop. 


Google has removed the Android Lollipop statue from outside its Mountain View headquarters.

Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images

Visitors don't seem to be happy by Google's decision to remove the statues. According to reviews of the Google Android Statues Square on Google Maps, one user wrote that they were "very disappointed," with the whole area looking abandoned, as if out of "post apocalyptic stores" seen in movies or video games.

Another reviewer, named Zach, left a one-star review, stating "It's a barren wasteland" with a blanket recommendation to not "waste your time coming down."

It also seems that Google wasn't doing much in terms of upkeep. User Jessica Atkins posted a review from three months ago saying that the statues were broken down and faded. Another person uploaded a photo with the Ice Cream Sandwich Bugdroid missing an arm

At the moment, it's uncertain what Google will do with the statues, assuming the company hasn't destroyed them. Until then, fans will have to fondly look back at photos posted online.

Corrected at 5:50 p.m. PT: An earlier version of this story misidentified where the statues were formally located. They were outside the Landings office complex.


Google has removed all statues at Google Android Statues Square.

Smith Collection/Gado / Getty Images