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Google releases updated version of Gmail into Android Market

In addition to splitting the e-mail client off from the Android platform, the latest release features support for Priority Inbox.

Updated Gmail interface Google

Google released a new version of its Gmail application yesterday, splitting the e-mail client off from the Android platform. Much like it has already been doing with its Maps feature, the company now pushes out small enhancements and bug fixes independently, rather than waiting for the next release of Android.

Among the notable changes in the new Gmail app are improved message replies, easy access to quoted text, better message previews, and enhanced navigation. And if you are using the recently announced Priority Inbox, you'll be happy to know that mobile Gmail now supports feature as well. Furthermore, you can add a shortcut to the desktop of your Android handset so important messages are only one click away.

I should note that the new Gmail application requires Android OS 2.2 on your phone. Some of you will have to wait for your Froyo update, but others simply won't make the cut.