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Google Project Fi now siphons service from US Cellular coverage, too

Sprint and T-Mobile fuel Google's wireless telephony service, and now US Cellular lends its strength to a growing Fi.

Project Fi uses Sprint and T-Mobile's networks if Wi-Fi is unavailable.
Josh Miller/CNET

Google Project Fi's wireless phone network is getting stronger. An update to the Google Fi app for Android now includes support for US Cellular, a regional carrier with coverage predominantly in the Midwest.

US Cellular is a brand-new partner for Fi, which Google calls a "network of networks" to connect its users to the strongest network around, be it 4G LTE or Wi-Fi. If you hop into range of a stronger signal, Fi will automatically switch you over.

Project Fi already grabs LTE signal from T-Mobile and Sprint, so the addition of US Cellular's resources expands Fi's reservoir of signal for local and roaming users. Now if only Google would expand Project Fi beyond a few compatible Nexus phones. Read CNET's adventures with Project Fi here.

(Via Phonescoop)