Google Podcasts will personalize your news listening experience

Google's "Your News Update" playlist arrives on Google Podcasts.

Google's "Your News Update" podcast is coming to Google Podcasts. 

Google's smart audio news playlist, "Your News Update" -- which previously launched on Google Assistant -- is arriving on Google Podcasts. The move makes it easier for listeners to find news that's timely and relevant to them, according to a release from Google on Wednesday.

To use the Your News Update feature, open the Google Podcast app and choose the Explore tab. From there, you can subscribe to the Your News Update feature. A mix of short news stories will be available based on your interests, location, listening history and preferences. It seems like it'll work similarly to Spotify's Daily Drive, but will be more localized and without the music.

The feature is new, so it may not show up on your phone yet. Also make sure you've updated to the newest version of the app. You can also continue using Your News Update on your Google Assistant.