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Google Pixel Fold, Pixel 7A Could Arrive May 10

If rumors are true, the company will unveil its first foldable at Google I/O.

Imad Khan Senior Reporter
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Imad Khan
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Google Pixel Fold

A Pixel foldable has been rumored since last year. Pictured are renders of the Pixel Fold from Front Page Tech.

Front Page Tech

The Google Pixel Fold, a rumored foldable meant to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and the Pixel 7A, a budget version of last year's Pixel 7, will arrive next month during Google I/O, according to two notable leakers. 

The leaks come from Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech and Twitter account SnoopyTech. Prosser on Monday said the Pixel Fold will be announced May 10, with preorders going live the same day at the Google Store and with carrier partners. The foldable device will be available on June 27 for a price of $1,799, according to Prosser. The Pixel 7A will reportedly cost $499, a $50 increase from last year's Pixel 6A, according to a separate report from 9to5Google.

The Pixel 7A is set to arrive in retail stores within the next two weeks and will also launch during Google I/O, according to SnoopyTech on Sunday. The account also says there won't be a "jade" color option, contradicting earlier reports.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Both Prosser and SnoopyTech have a reputation for leaking products in consumer tech. Prosser was able to accurately leak the design of the 2021 iPad Mini 6 and the release date for the Pixels 7 and 7 Pro. SnoopyTech was able to leak the Amazon Kindle Scribe and the launch video of the Pixel 7 Pro

A Pixel foldable has been rumored since last year. Google's entry in the space would not only bring competition to Samsung, but to other foldable makers out of China. Because the market is relatively small, many apps aren't optimized for larger unfolded displays. Often, apps feel like widened versions originally meant for narrower screens. Google's first foldable would likely give more attention to the unfolded experience.

While the Pixel 7 is a great value at $599, offering strong performance and an excellent camera that rivals phones in the $1,000 range, Google's lower-budget A-series devices remain a popular option. Last year's Pixel 6A was praised for its excellent camera and build quality, all in a $450 package. There's a reason it continues to be one of the best cheap phones on the market.

Google entering the foldable market and continuing its midrange line of A-series devices means that the company is willing to play the long game against smartphone rival Apple. Last year, Apple's iPhone overtook Google's Android operating system in US market share. This is despite there being multiple Android phone manufacturers on the market. One reason for Apple's dominance could be its software support for legacy devices. Google now promises five years of software updates for its flagship devices and three years for its midrange phones. A Pixel foldable released this year would mean getting software updates potentially up until 2028.