Google Pixel Fold Breakdowns: How to Get Replacement Parts on iFixit

With reports of cracked screens emerging, iFixit will have replacement parts soon for the new foldable phone from Google.

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Google's Pixel Fold phone
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As reports emerge about Google Pixel Fold screens cracking, just a few days after the new phone's launch, you might be in need of a fix. Google is making official replacement parts for the Google Pixel Fold available from iFixit, allowing you to repair the foldable phone yourself.

iFixit, which also sells official replacement parts for tech companies like Steam and Logitech, already has its repair guide for the Google Pixel Fold live, but it has yet to add replacement parts to its store. A Google spokesperson told CNET it doesn't yet have a set date for when the parts will be added.

Google has been partnering with iFixit to sell replacement parts for its Pixel phones since last year, including batteries, displays, cameras and other parts. 

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft similarly sell DIY fix-it parts for their phones and tablets, but this appears to be a first for foldable devices. 

Google launched the Pixel Fold, its first foldable device, this week. You can read CNET's review of the $1,799 Pixel Fold, see a comparison on all foldable phones currently available and find the best deals for the new foldable phone here.

How to get replacement parts to fix your own Pixel phone

If your phone is broken, here's how to get the replacement parts you need.

1. Go to the iFixit online store for your geographic region.
2. Type "Pixel" into the search bar at the top.
3. Scroll through all the options to find what you need -- it'll show an entire kit, complete with tools, to repair your screen, battery or each type of camera; or individual parts sold separately to repair things like the display adhesive, graphite sheet and silicon pad. Make sure you select the right phone for your replacement parts.
4. Once you click on the option you need, it'll show you what's included in the kit. There will also be a notice to tell you it's a genuine Google part, and some tips.
5. Before you add it to cart and buy it, the bottom of the page has a link to the guide you'll need to fix whatever part you've selected, as well as an estimate on how long the repair will take you and a difficulty level.

Again, replacement parts are not yet available for the Pixel Fold, but are available for every other Pixel phone from the Pixel 2 onwards. If you're looking for a new phone, here's CNET's list of the best foldable phones on the market, as well as the best cellphone plans for June 2023.