New Pixel 2 XL could start at $850

And look like a tuxedo, according to a new rumor.

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Come Oct. 4, Google's Pixel 2 XL phone could debut with a starting price of $850 and come in a black and white color combo, according to a new rumor from Droid Life. The phone is rumored to come in all-black as well.

A $850 price tag -- which converts to £630 or AU$1,060 -- would pay for a version with 64GB of storage. The 128GB model would reportedly cost $950, which converts to £700 and AU$1,185.

Phones  prices are on the rise. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 and Apple 's iPhone X are pushing $1,000. While their success could signal a willingness among phone buyers to spend more on the devices, smartphone-makers that are able to create high-quality handsets for far less might steal customers from higher-priced models.

The Pixel 2 XL is rumored to get new upgrades like a squeezable frame and Android Oreo software. Other rumors suggest that the Pixel would skip a headphone jack or dual cameras (as seen in Droid Life's renders).

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If it's any consolation, Droid Life also shows off the Pixel 2 XL in a new black-and-white color combo, which could debut alongside an all-black version. The monochromatic color choices are a stark contrast from last year's "really blue" Pixel.

Expect to hear official word about Google's next batch of Pixels on Oct. 4.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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