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Google Pixel 2 rumored to be better, faster, stronger

And there may be a budget Pixel on the way, too.

Josh Miller

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL were only released this past October, but the rumor mill has already begun churning out details about the follow-up Pixel 2.

The next Pixel is rumored to be even better than the highly regarded original, with potential upgrades like water-resistance, an improved camera and a faster processor, 9to5Google reports.

And, for Pixel fans on a budget, the high-priced phone could get a cheaper version to go alongside it, the story noted. Right now, 9to5Google's source is referring to it as the "Pixel 2B."


What sort of features could the next Pixel bring us?

Josh Miller

Google did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

With Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recalled in the wake of two major battery fires, Google's Pixel is currently our top Android phone. Google hit it big after ditching the Nexus brand name, and creating its first premium phone to use its name. But it also comes with a premium price that's out of reach to many wallet-watchers. A stronger Pixel 2 could help cement Google's reputation as a world-class phonemaker, while a cheaper addition to its portfolio could help the brand gain headway further downstream.

Let's dig a little more into two of the rumors, shall we?

Besides dunking your Pixel in the tub, which Google may still be considering, the Pixel 2 could take improved low-light photos. Other details are vague: the camera may not come with greater megapixels, but the phone could allegedly come with other features to make up for it -- that could mean filters or shooting modes.

It's still very early, but Google is believed to also be testing out a few new processors for the Pixel 2, from Qualcomm, Intel and possibly Taiwanese chipset manufacturer MediaTek.

These improvements could mean that the phone won't come cheap. Added features and improved hardware could run the price up at least another $50/£40/AU$66, the source says. The Pixel and Pixel XL are already expensive phones to make, and can cost buyers a pretty penny if they opt for more storage or bigger sizes. That's where the cheaper Pixel, or "Pixel 2B," could come in as an alternative.

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Personally, it's hard to imagine a smartphone for the mainstream market getting even pricier than the Pixel and Pixel XL. Companies usually keep phones roughly the same price year after year, and sell the previous year's models at a discount.

There's a long way to go before we expect Google to add to its Pixel family, so we could see the rumors change as more leaks surface about Google's developing Pixel plans.