Will Google Pixel 2 lose the headphone jack? This render says so

The Google Pixel successor is imagined in this unofficial render.

We know that the Google Pixel's successor is coming this year, but much about the Google Pixel 2 remains a mystery. Fans are using rumors and leaked details to imagine what the Google Pixel 2 could look like. 

Headphone jack die-hards aren't going to like what they see on the rendering below, which comes from notable phone renderer OnLeaks in conjunction with My Smart Price

According to this render, the Pixel 2 will lose its headphone jack. Last year a few phones like the iPhone 7 and Moto Z ditched the headphone jack as well, but the original Pixel kept it around. Google even mocked the trend of offing headphone jacks in the official Pixel announcement. But this isn't the first time it's been rumored that Google will ditch the jack

OnLeaks claims that this render is based on factory designs, but it's best to take the video with a grain of salt.

The Pixel phone was the result of Google ditching its Nexus brand for a phone that is truly "Made by Google" -- featuring a pure form of Google's Android OS. The next Pixel is rumored to get improvements across the board, as well as adopt interesting new features like a squeezable frame, but Google has yet to officially reveal hardware specs.

The video also shows a slightly shrunken top and bottom bezel, a rear fingerprint scanner and a glossy rear panel. These features have also been shown in other renders and videos of the Pixel 2.

If Google sticks with last year's release cycle, we could meet the new Pixel as soon as October. Here's everything we know about the Google Pixel 2 so far.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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