Google Picasa now iPhone-optimized (screenshots)

Google Picasa now iPhone-optimized (screenshots)

Ben Wilson

Google is on an iPhone roll. A week after revising the way its mobile-optimized home page is displayed on the iPhone, the company has introduced an iPhone-optimized version of Picasa, its software and Web-based tool for uploading and organizing digital photos. From the Google Mobile blog:

"After you go to Picasa on your iPhone and log in, you can quickly see all your albums that you've uploaded to Picasa Web. If you click on any of the albums, you can get a full view of your picture with comments from your friends. Or you can click on Slideshow, sit back and watch the pictures scroll. You can also search for photos in your album or through community photos. Finally, with one of my favorite features, you can view your friends' albums through favorites."

Essentially, the new Picasa works like Apple's own photo viewer on the iPhoto, albeit without the slick swiping function. When in full-screen view, tapping a photo brings up arrows on either side than can be used to browse back and forth between images.

You can browse either your own photos uploaded with the Picasa software (Mac or PC) or search and browse community photos.

The site can be accessed on your iPhone at: http://picasaweb.google.com.

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