Google tags its AI assistant to help organize your photos

Google's voice assistant now sorts and automatically organizes your photos into albums.

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Brian Bennett
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Ahead of its Pixel event in New York, Google's Photo app just got an interesting update. It's a new feature called Live Albums, and it automatically shares photos of people you select with friends and family. 

Google Assistant also now has the power to sift through, search and organize your photos neatly into albums. The ability comes in version 4.3 of Google Photos.

Live Albums will also enjoy deep integration with the new Google Home Hub smart screen, also unveiled at the event. It'll let the Hub act as a smart digital picture frame. 

The same goes for the Pixel 3 phones, also launched at the at the event. When docked with the Pixel Stand wireless charger, the handsets will transform into picture frames as well.

Google also launched its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL . 

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