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Google partners with DJ Skrillex to make smart Android cases

For the project, the search giant launched a satellite into space named after Skrillex's dog, Nanou.

The case will send satellite images to a person's phone. Google

Have you ever wished your smartphone case was smarter? Apparently Google did.

So the search giant is teaming up with artists to create a new line of cases for some Nexus and Samsung smartphones. Google on Wednesday announced the first installment of the line, called "Editions," designed by the DJ Skrillex.

Skrillex is just the first guest collaboration for the line of cases. Each edition will be designed by a different well-known artist.

How will the cases be different from any other case? The cases will connect to your phone and automatically update the wallpaper on your screen. During the day, the wallpaper will show pictures of earth as depicted from satellites Google launched into the stratosphere for the project. At night, it will show constellations that are visible from where you and your phone are standing. Skrillex himself launched the satellite into space, and named it after his dog Nanou. The case also has a button that will lead to content from Skrillex, like early access to an album from his record label.

Google isn't the first tech giant to try to tap into art and accessories. Apple's acquisition of Beats Electronics gave it the hip hop icon Dr. Dre and the company's trendy headphones business.

The cases are selling for $40 on Google's online store, and are available for Google's Nexus 5 and 6, and Samsung's Galaxy S5, S6 and Note 4.

Google's new cases are slightly smarter than the socks Apple used to sell for its iPod music players.