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Google Nexus S papped with first look at Android 2.3

Can you smell the Gingerbread baking? The Google Nexus S has been anonymously photographed, and we've got some (admittedly blurry) pics of Android 2.3 for you.

The Google Nexus S been pictured and prodded, but until now we haven't seen what the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS it's running looks like. That's changed, thanks to some slightly blurry pics sent to by an unnamed source.

The Samsung-built handset looks identical to the phone Eric Schmidt waved around a couple of weeks ago, which was almost certainly the Nexus S. Specs mentioned so far include an ArmV7 CPU, which could be dual-core. It looks like it has a 4-inch screen, possibly Super AMOLED 2 with an 800x480-pixel resolution, and capable of running 720p HD video.

Android 2.3 continues Google's alphabetic confectionery codename theme as Gingerbread, with Android 3.0 Honeycomb likely to be specifically for tablets. There's not an awful lot we can gather about the new OS from the shots, but previous reports indicate that it'll be better looking and support video chat.

Gingerbread has been pretty elusive so far, and rumoured launch dates have been and gone. 6 December is the latest guess, by IntoMobile, but Gingerbread could roll out at any moment -- there's already been one false alarm.

It's a relatively minor update anyway, with nothing to compare to Android 2.2's addition of Flash support.

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