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Google Nexus One: User photos and video

Intimate photos of the Nexus One and a tantalisingly tiny hands-on video reignite the rumours that the Google Phone could be inching closer to general release

New photos and videos of the Google Nexus One have got us fired up about the mythical Google phone. Could it be even closer to being released into the wild?

The Nexus One is made by HTC, and it was given to a few thousand lucky Google employees. In a blog post, Google called the phone a "mobile lab" for version 2.1 of its Android operating system

The unboxing shots appeared on a UK Twitter account. The account is now protected, but you can still check out the snaps on Unwired View.

The image above shows the back of the Nexus One as it lounges beside its case, showing its camera, which looks similar to the lens on the HTC HD2.

The question still hangs in the air like a bad smell -- when are we going to see the Nexus One in our drool-covered hands? In these images, the box looks ready to pop on the shelves at any moment.

A video is all too brief to satisfy our hunger for details, but it does give a glimpse of the jazzy animated wallpaper.