Google Maps navigates you a gazillion times better now. Get crackin'

Connect your public transit, walking, biking and ride-hailing directions for a smoother commute.

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Use this new Google Maps feature for each part of your commute.

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Some days your morning commute can be frustrating and long -- especially if you ride your bike to the bus, hop off at your stop and then grab an Uber if you're running behind. The challenge is timing everything just right. Fortunately, Google Maps can now help you connect your various modes of transportation -- including biking and ride-hailing -- to create accurate and useful transit directions for your trips. 

This Google Maps feature, announced last week, shows you routes customized for a trip with an estimated ETA. For example, if you bike part of the way to work, you'll see routes for cyclists as well as options for the rest of your commute. Each part of your trip is included in calculating your total travel time so you can see when you'll make it to your destination.

The new transit directions function will be available on Android and iOS and will be rolling out in the coming weeks, Google said. Here's how you'll use it.


1. Open your Google Maps app.

2. Search for your destination.

3. Tap Directions.

4. Tap the Transit tab.

5. From here, you'll be able to see trip routes and directions using public transit, ride-hailing and cycling options. Select the best option to get you to where you're going on time.

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