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Google Maps could help you avoid Fourth of July traffic

Don't miss the festivities because you're stuck in traffic.


Google Maps wants you to avoid traffic on July 4th.

Wenjie Dong / Getty Images

Sitting in traffic is probably not how you'd like to spend your Independence Day.

Google Maps took a look at traffic on the national holiday from 25 cities in the US and has some advice to share that could keep you out of a jam. 

The report, out Thursday, shows that if you've got somewhere to go on July 4, it's best to leave on July 3, either in the early morning or late evening. And whatever you do, avoid being on the road at 3 p.m. on the Fourth -- that's when traffic peaks. 

Google released similar data for Thanksgiving 2017.

Cities on the list include Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Raleigh, St. Louis and Tampa.