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Google lets slip dock for Nexus 10 in festive greetings vid

Google has accidentally revealed a dock for the Nexus 10 tablet, in a festive video to Android fans.

Google has given Android fans an early Christmas present. It's let slip an unannounced dock for the Nexus 10 tablet in a season's greetings video, Android Central reports.

It's a fleeting glance at the dock, with no details given. And it looks more like an incidental reveal than a grand unveiling, seeing as the dock isn't by any stretch of the imagination the focus of the video. But nevertheless, it's there alright.

You can see it for yourself at 59 seconds in, and again at 1 minute 16. It's pretty compact, with a back to support Google's 10.1-inch tablet, but there's no word of connections or a release date.

If the official dock for the Nexus 7 is anything to go by, us Brits could be in for a bit of a wait. We first spied the accessory way back in August, but it's still yet to touch down on these shores. One man has unboxed it (to ridiculously dramatic music), but that's as close as we've come.

Now compare this situation to the iPad, and all the docks available. Not made by Apple, admittedly, but still, there's plenty to choose from. And pretty much from launch day, too. 

The dock for the Nexus 7 has gone up for pre-order with US retailers, and has already sold out at some. That's what happens when you make people wait six months, I suppose. It features a micro-USB port and headphone jack on the back, so I think we can assume the Nexus 10 dock will have the same.

Do you think we've been made to wait too long for official Nexus docks? The Nexus 7 was unveiled back in July, after all, and the dock is still yet to hit these shores. Will you be tempted to buy if they ever make it here? How much would you pay? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.