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Google granted more time to answer Android antitrust charges in EU

The search giant now has until September 7 to respond to claims about its wildly popular mobile software.

Google is facing antitrust charges over Android from the EU.
Juan Garzón/CNET

The European Commission has been investigating Google's business practices around its Android mobile software, and now the search giant has an extra six weeks to respond to the commission's allegations, according to a report Tuesday by Reuters.

In April, the EU formally charged Google with antitrust complaints over Android, which powers four out of every five smartphones on the planet. The crux of the argument has to do with alleged business agreements that require hardware vendors to pre-install Google services, like Search and Maps, on their handsets in order to gain access to Google's Play app marketplace.

Originally, Google had until July 27 to respond to the formal charges, but now will have until September 7.

Spokespeople for both Google and the European Commission did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Google has in the past rejected the EU's claims, saying that Android creates more choice among consumers. If Google is found guilty, it could face fines of more than $7 billion.

This isn't the only antitrust battle Google is fighting with the EU. The commission has also charged Google over its dominance in search, and undercutting other businesses by prioritizing its own services, particularly Google shopping, over its competitors.