Google Glass goes for geek chic with DVF designer frames

Google will soon be selling trendy versions of its futuristic Glass eyewear, courtesy of Belgian-born designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

Would you wear these designer Google Glass frames? Google

Le geek, c'est chic -- Google has added a selection of designer frames to its Glass program, that aim to put a fashionable face on the company's high-tech specs.

The à la mode eyewear comes marching down the catwalk courtesy of American designer Diane von Furstenberg, and will be available to buy from Google's online Glass emporium from 23 June, the search giant confirmed in a post on Google Plus. There will be five frames to choose from, with eight various shades.

Google Glass is Google's first foray into the high-concept world of wearable tech. The glasses house a computing unit and a tiny display that can be beamed into your field of vision, and can be controlled with voice commands or using a touchpad mounted on the side.

Diane Von Furstenberg has collaborated with Google's Glass project before, putting the trendy eyewear on models at a fashion event last year. Google Glass went on sale earlier this year, for the princely sum of $1,500.

Google Glass has successfully captured the attention of the tech world, but Google will be hoping to broaden the appeal of its wearable tech beyond the geek hardcore. Do you think the designs above are enough to tempt fashion-conscious folk to invest in Google Glass? Or are they a fashion disaster? Stick your critical assessment in the comments.