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Google Fit now gives sleep insights and maps your running routes

Oh, and there's dark mode.


Google Fit is getting new features soon. 

Google; screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Google Fit has added some new features to its app after last year's revamp introduced Heart Points and Move Minutes. Now users can take advantage of logging sleep patterns, mapping their routes -- be they for running, hiking, biking or other activities-- and saving their eyesight with dark mode. Google said it's rolling out the updates to both iOS and Android over the next week. 

You can link other sleep apps to Google Fit. The app will create charts that show sleep patterns over time, Google said Friday. Your sleep history is accessible for additions and edits through the app's journal. For help winding down at night, you can turn on the app's new dark mode feature in Settings.

"At Google Fit, we understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just tracking what you do on the go. It's also about resting up and powering down," Defne Gurel, Google Fit product manager, said in the blog post.

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