Google Duo edges out Pokemon Go on Android

Less than a week after its release, Google's video-calling service is the second-most popular app in Google's Play Store.

Finally, the Pokemon Go app has met its match in Android-land.


Google Duo overtakes Pokemon Go in the Google Play Store.

Screenshot by Michelle Meyers/CNET

Just three days after Google rolled out its new Google Duo video-calling service, the app has climbed to the No. 2 spot on Google's list of top-free apps for Android. That's one above the crazy megahit we thought would never leave the top spot, Pokemon Go.

Facebook Messenger, for now anyway, is still on top of the list, which you can view in Google's Play Store from an Android device.

It's worth noting that the Duo app, which many consider Google's answer to Apple's FaceTime calling service, is gaining traction on Apple devices as well. Right now for iPhone users it's No. 22 among all free apps and No. 4 in the free social-networking app category, according to AppShopper.

Google Duo was introduced in May at the company's announce I/O developer conference. What makes it different than competing video-calling services is that you can see a live video feed of who's calling you even before you pick up the call.