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Google Docs for Android gets real-time collaboration

One of Google Docs' most-useful features has just gone mobile.

Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

Starting today, users of the Google Docs app for Android will get to collaborate in real time, while on the go. Just as on the desktop interface, collaborators will see the edits others are making, while they're making them, regardless of what device anyone is using. Real-time collaboration has always been a huge selling point for the desktop Google Docs, so perhaps this update will get more users to adopt the mobile version.

Also included with the update are a few interface changes that should make it easier to zip around and edit documents from your mobile device. Most notably, there's a rich text formatting toolbar at the top of the screen, offering options to add bold or italicized text, bullet lists, font and background colors, and more. It's a huge step up from the bare-bones editor that mobile users were forced to deal with in earlier versions of the app.

The updated Google Docs for Android (download) is available now in the Android Market.