Google dishing up 'Key Lime Pie' for Android?

Web giant has reportedly chosen the delicious dessert as the codename for the version of Android to follow Jelly Bean.


It looks like Google is making plans to expand its Android menu.

The Web giant has chosen the codename "Key Lime Pie" to follow the "Jelly Bean" version of its operating system, a source tells The Verge. However, there was no indication of when the new OS will appear or what its version number will be.

The Key Lime Pie codename would follow Google's tradition of naming its operating systems alphabetically after food. Previous versions have included Honeycomb (version 3.0) and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Although Ice Cream Sandwich is only now beginning to gain traction in the mobile sector, Jelly Bean is expected to be released later this year and be optimized for tablets. It will also reportedly allow vendors to add Android 5.0 to a Windows 8-based tablet or notebook, allowing users to switch between the operating systems without a reboot.

Google representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.