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Google Currents 1.1 goes international

Google Currents, Google's magazine-style news reader app for Android and iOS, just got a significant update.

According to Google, the top requested features for Google Currents were international availability and quicker syncing, and with today's jump to version 1.1, Google has made these requested features a reality.

First, Google Currents is now available globally. This means that no matter where you are, if you can download an app through Google Play or the iTunes App Store, you can download Google Currents. What's more, readers can also add their favorite local blogs to Currents, giving them a truly international experience.

Second, Google Translate is now seamlessly integrated with Currents, which perfectly complements the new international availability of the app. While you're reading any edition, you can press the globe icon to automatically translate it into one of 38 supported languages.


Finally, Currents now features dynamic sync, which works as soon as you open an edition. This ensures that you have the newest content right in front of you, at all times. Along with this feature, you can also choose to make any editions available for offline reading. While you'll obviously be limited by the storage space on your device, it is a great feature for frequent travelers who may not always get a data connection on planes or trains.

Google Currents (Android | iOS) is available now on Google Play and from the iTunes App Store.