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Google curates points of interest with Field Trip for iPhone

The Field Trip app has been available for Android users for some time, but today the location discovery app has officially launched for iPhone.

Field Trip
Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

Field Trip (Android|iPhone) helps you find out more about your current location by sending you notifications when you're near landmarks, restaurants, historical sites, and other noteworthy spots. The app draws information from several sources, including Arcadia, Historvius, Food Network, Zagat, Atlas Obscura, Daily Secret, and others to enrich your experience of locations you wouldn't know were uniquely interesting otherwise. You can use it as a personal tour guide or share interesting locales over Facebook and Twitter.

The app also lets you set the frequency of notifications from none to an Explore mode that gives you all the information as you visit a new city or just your neighborhood. The app supports Bluetooth headsets and earphones as well, reading the information to you when you get close to interesting locations.

Field Trip is available today for free at the App Store. The app is currently only optimized for iPhone or iPod Touch, with no app for iPad.