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Google Chrome will automatically download articles you haven't asked for yet

Chrome for Android will download the articles when you're connected to Wi-Fi so you can read them offline.

Offline articles can be seen alongside your downloaded content.

Want to browse the news but don't have connection to the internet? Google Chrome is getting a new feature for Android that automatically downloads articles when you're connected to Wi-Fi for you to read offline -- even if you haven't asked for them.

Google announced the feature on the Google India blog Thursday. It says that the feature is available in India, Brazil, Nigeria and over 100 other countries. If the feature is available in your region, you can get it by updating to the latest version of Google Chrome for Android. No word yet on when it'll come to other countries like the US or UK.

The feature automatically downloads articles it thinks you'll want based on the most popular content in your location. Or, if you're signed into your Google Account, Chrome will use your browsing history to download relevant stories. That can be seen as either pretty helpful or a little creepy depending on your opinion.

Chrome for Android already lets you manually download articles for offline viewing, but this new feature does it automatically.

Google didn't say how long Chrome will store these articles or how many it'll download at a time -- which may be a concern in case you're low on phone storage.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.