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Google brings browsing History to Android, iPhone

A new History link in Google's mobile-optimized Web site for iPhone and Android can track your browsing history for serving up to you at a later time.

Google's new History link on iPhone
If you've got search history enabled and you're signed in, Google can track your URL journey.
Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

One of the "smartest" features of an iPhone and Android phone is the capability to pull up as search suggestions previously visited URLs when you begin typing your destination into the browser.

On Tuesday, Google offered its own take for the Android- and iPhone-optimized version of in the form of a new History link.

If you're signed in to Google and you've also enabled search history in the Settings (Settings > Search History > Save Searches), then tapping the new History link that's sandwiched between your username and the "Sign out" link will produce a list of your previously visited URLs.

The Starred Items tab also gives you quick access to a list of places you've starred from either your smartphone or from the desktop. A thumbnail image of a map is icing on the cake.

The caveat is that History will only save those searches you did while signed in--it won't be able to capture URLs you visited as an anonymous surfer.

You can remove old history items by pressing an "Edit" button while you're reviewing your cache, and then deleting those unwanted records one by one.

On iPhone, Firefox Home offers a similar concept for tracking past searches made on the desktop Firefox browser.