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Google+ apps for Android, iOS updated with Hangouts tweaks

Now, teens can join and create Hangouts from the Google+ mobile app, and users can join Hangouts on Air from their handset.

Teens can now join and create Hangouts.
Teens can now join and create Hangouts.

Google+ on iOS and Android has been updated.

The search giant yesterday offered up an update to Android-based devices, adding, most notably, support for joining Hangouts on Air from handsets. Unveiled last September, Hangouts on Air allows users to stream video chats with people around the world. It's differentiated from Google+'s standard Hangouts feature, which lets users hold video chats with a close group of friends.

In addition to that update, Google+ for mobile now allows teens using both iOS and Android to create and join their own Hangouts from their handsets. Hangouts were initially only offered to adults, but earlier this year, Google softened its stance, allowing users who were 13-years-old-and-up to join the chats. Now, it's extending that policy to mobile products.

Google+ received just a few other minor updates, including support for a floating timestamp in photos on Android, and the ability in iOS to open Web links shared through the social network in Chrome. Of course, in order for that to work, users must have Chrome installed on their iPhones.